NXT Leisure Backpack


We created a Backpack for your everyday Sport,Yoga,Fitness or Dance life

The Backpack you always needed or desired

For Example 

- Strong Shoe compartment so your shoes doesn't get smashed 

 separation wall inside

 maximum size 45 Europe Size 11 US Uk 10.5

Small Compartment for Shower Gel Deodorant Parfum Pencils Credit Card etc.. 

- Laptop Book case 


- Compartment for your Sweaty Clothes and laundry so they are separated from your Fresh and Clean  Clothes 

- Elastic on the bottom so u can bring your Yoga Mat , Black Roll or Beach Towel etc etc...

- Soft Back and Shoulder Pads

- 2 Bottle Compartment or for Umbrella

- Waterproof on the inside

- Use To Travel as Hand luggage

- Luggage slip over in the back

-Small zipper in the front for keys coins or credit card

-secret compartment in the back for your passport etc..

- Stylish look for your leisure time

- Metal Zipper and  Metal G hook 

- 26 Liter Volume