NXT Leisure Backpack


We created a Backpack for your everyday Sport,Yoga,Fitness or Dance life

The Backpack you always needed or desired

For Example 

- Strong Shoe compartment so your shoes doesn't get smashed 

 separation wall inside

 maximum size 42 Europe Size 9 US Uk 8

Small Compartment for Shower Gel Deodorant Parfum Pencils Credit Card etc.. 

- Laptop Book case 


- Compartment for your Sweaty Clothes and laundry so they are separated from your Fresh and Clean  Clothes 

- Attachment straps so u can bring your Yoga Mat , Black Roll or Beach Towel etc etc...

- Soft Back and Shoulder Pads

- 2 Bottle Compartment or for Umbrella

- Waterproof on the inside

- Use To Travel as Hand luggage

- Luggage slip over in the back

- Stylish look for your leisure time

- Metal Zipper and  Metal G hook 

- 26 Liter Volume